Performance with passion

We at Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants are a management consultancy specialized in pricing, sales and strategy. Our clients include DAX companies as well as German medium-sized businesses.

Sustainable revenue growth for your company is the focus of our project work. By consistently focusing on the areas of pricing, sales, strategy and digital, we ensure that all consulting services meet the highest standards. One thing above all is important to us: your satisfaction and the success of your company.

Within the scope of our projects, we always strive for a comprehensive optimization of the mentioned fields of action in companies. The goal is to provide you with optimal support in analysis, solution finding and implementation.

We link theory and practice

Through the involvement of the chair “Price Management and International Marketing” of Prof. Dr. Roll Oliver, we always incorporate the latest research results into our practical project work. Our know-how is documented in numerous articles and book contributions. Furthermore, we present the latest developments and trends in pricing, sales and marketing management at national and international conferences as well as regular webinars.

Roll & Pastuch verknüpft Theorie und Praxis

Award-winning consulting by experts

Excellent performance and fun at work are not mutually exclusive at Roll & Pastuch. In recent years, we have regularly received awards from WirtschaftsWoche, brand eins, Great Place to Work and Capital, among others.

R&P ist Hidden Champion 2022/23
R&P sind beste Unternehmensberater 2022

Knowledge advantage, pragmatism, partnership

Together with you, we develop first-class measures for sustainable revenue growth. To ensure project success, we are committed to three core values:

1. Knowledge advantage: synergy from research & practice

  • First-class pricing know-how is the basis of our work
  • We combine current research results with many years of project experience

2. Pragmatism: the result decides

  • It’s not about concepts – it’s about solutions
    Implementation is part of consulting – we always think one step ahead

3. Partnership: The nicest of the best

  • We value first-class employees and partnership cooperation with our customers

All measures and activities are always carried out with the necessary sense of proportion: We develop all solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Only through this partnership can we achieve results that have the necessary backing within the company and at the same time move the organization forward as a whole.

Our Management Team

The nicest from the best: We are a large team characterized by a high level of professionalism. Our management team is actively involved in the projects – this ensures optimal results through years of experience.

Sustainability in action

Das Roll & Pastuch Team ist gerne mit dem Fahrrad unterwegsThe topic of sustainability is a particular concern for us in our day-to-day work. We are convinced that we can only be sustainable and work sustainably as a company if all team members are involved. In order to carry the sustainable idea into the company, we have colleagues at each location who drive the issue forward. In this way, we were able to achieve together that this awareness is lived at all our sites.

Nachhaltigkeit und soziale Verantwortung

CO₂ compensation

Thanks to modern means of communication, such as videoconferencing tools, we were able to avoid business travel, especially by air and car, more and more often even before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, because we cannot completely avoid air and car travel in our day-to-day consulting work, it is important to us to compensate for the CO₂ we cause. For this reason, we regularly donate to the climate protection organization atmosfair. The money is then used to support climate protection projects worldwide.

Bicycle leasing

As an alternative to a car, a bicycle is a good way to get around, especially for shorter distances. Through JobRad, we therefore enable our employees to lease bicycles or e-bikes. Among other things, this enables us to promote environmentally friendly commuting.

Social responsibility

In addition to environmental and sustainability considerations, it is also important to us to assume social responsibility. For years, we have been involved in social projects around the world and support various projects.

R&P unterstützt Burundikids e.V.

Burundikids e.V.

The Burundikids e.V. does excellent work in supporting children in Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world. School education is the primary focus. We appreciate this commitment very much and have been supporting it regularly for several years. Among other things, we have been able to help with the construction of a school, the financing of teachers and the purchase of school furniture and materials.

Helping Hands

We also like to get active ourselves: For example, we supported the Team Benefit hand project and assembled prosthetic hands for landmine victims. In order to put ourselves in the shoes of the victims, each participant had only one hand at their disposal. This was a special experience for us, and we hope to be able to give the victims back a little quality of life with the prostheses.