Roll & Pastuch Sales Audit

The R&P Sales Audit analyzes all issues with sales at your company. The goal of the audit is to identify optimization potential and revenue levers in sales. Based on the results of the analysis, you receive concrete recommendations for action and a short- and medium-term implementation plan.

Implementation of the audit

The focus of the R&P Sales Audit is on identifying, prioritizing and quantifying revenue levers. The evaluation of the status quo is based on the analysis of data and documents as well as on internal expert interviews and workshops. The R&P Sales Audit also includes benchmarking regarding best practices in sales.

Conduct a sales audit using a specific analysis method from R&P

Data and document analyses

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis of data and documents, a comprehensive picture of the status quo in the company quickly emerges. We analyze transaction data, discounting, sales utilization and much more. In this way, we identify potential for improvement that has a direct and immediate impact on earnings.

With the help of state-of-the-art BI software, we can visualize the results with pinpoint accuracy and translate them into concrete recommendations for action. Our consulting is always implementation-oriented and does not stop at identifying the need for action.

Expert interviews

In our expert interviews, we talk to those who know your company best – your employees! From the most important statements of the interviews, we derive problems and recommendations for action and combine the most diverse perspectives. The interviews round off the data and document analysis and complement it. The result is a clear and structured picture of your sales department.

Sales and marketing strategy developed through different perspectives

Focus on results

The added value of the R&P Sales Audit can be summarized in three key points:

1. Status quo analysis and quick wins

We present a comprehensive picture of the prevailing status quo. In doing so, we focus in particular on clear implementation recommendations for prompt EBIT increases, so-called quick wins. For this, we draw on many years of project expertise.

Four central areas are considered for this and summarized in the R&P 360-degree sales approach:

  • Distribution Strategy
  • Sales Organization
  • Distribution Processes
  • Sales Control

2. Evaluation of optimization potentials and prioritization

After identifying optimization potentials, we evaluate them: How high is the effort for optimization? How high is the EBIT potential of the identified sales levers?

In addition, benchmarking against R&P best practices is performed to best assess the quality of the entire sales force and the resulting need for optimization.

3. Concrete recommendations for action

For each lever, we formulate an outline for the respective implementation concept. All levers are summarized in a roadmap and linked to an exemplary implementation plan.

360-degree sales approach

The R&P Sales Audit in practice

The experience of Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants shows that the R&P Sales Audit specifically uncovers optimization potential in sales. We would be happy to provide you with relevant references.

  • Combined sales and pricing audit in the automotive industry
  • Sales audit with focus on Europe in the area of mechanical engineering and components
  • Sales audit globally with the establishment of a comprehensive BI system
  • Sales audit and sales strategy for a luxury goods manufacturer
  • Combined sales and pricing audit in the automotive industry

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