Pricing and sales for the construction industry

The construction industry faces major challenges: For example, the building materials market is extremely volatile and, in some cases, characterized by strong cost and price fluctuations. At the same time, the large number of decision-makers is challenging the building technology industry. How can companies face these hurdles?

Many companies – partly due to the current shortage of raw materials – are struggling with rising purchase prices and, at the same time, relatively little negotiating power. In this situation, companies must decide how to negotiate skillfully in order to secure their margins in the best possible way.

These challenges are offset by major opportunities due to the construction boom in the last decade. In this context, the question for the construction industry is how it can profit from the construction boom in the long term and take account of the changes in the industry.

Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants offers solutions for these complex challenges with many years of industry expertise. We are happy to support you in pricing, sales and strategy projects so that you can sustainably secure your earnings for the future.

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