Prof. Roll & Pastuch Pricing-Audit

The Prof. Roll & Pastuch Pricing Audit analyzes your entire pricing process. The aim of the audit is to identify potential areas for optimization and profit levers in pricing. Based on the results of the analysis, you will receive concrete recommendations for action and a short- to medium-term implementation plan.

The focus of the Prof. Roll & Pastuch Pricing Audit is on identifying, prioritizing, and quantifying profit levers. The evaluation of the status quo is based on the analysis of data and documents, as well as the conduct of internal expert interviews and workshops. Additionally, as part of the Prof. Roll & Pastuch Pricing Audit, benchmarking regarding best practices in pricing is also performed.

Infographic Sales and Pricing levers


The added value of the Prof. Roll & Pastuch Pricing Audit can be summarized in three key points:

1. Analysis of the status quo in pricing and identification of quick wins

  • Competent, fact-based analysis on both qualitative and quantitative levels across all action areas in pricing
  • Clear implementation recommendations for timely EBIT enhancement (quick wins)

2. Evaluation of optimization potentials and prioritization

  • Benchmarking in terms of best practices
  • Assessment of optimization effort and EBIT potential of all relevant pricing levers within the company

3. Concrete recommendations for action

  • Outline of an implementation concept for the most important pricing levers
  • Pricing roadmap and implementation plan

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The experiences of Prof. Roll & Pastuch demonstrate that the Pricing Audit specifically uncovers optimization potential in pricing. We would be happy to provide you with relevant references.

Profit Boost 2024 – Enhance Your Profitability Through Pricing Excellence

Are you facing growing challenges in passing rising costs onto the market? Modern price management is the solution. A 1% optimization in pricing yields 1 million EBIT from 100 million in revenue.

Let us analyze your price management together and determine how you can further increase your profitability.

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