Customized strategy consulting

Our strategy experts support you in developing solutions for new markets and growth strategies. Fast-changing markets require agile organizations that can react quickly. Together, we optimize your entire alignment from business model to product range strategy and market entry.

Current challenges

Markets have become increasingly unpredictable in recent years: radical innovations, fluctuations in raw materials, crises, leaps in technology. The rapid, permanent change makes clear strategies for companies more important than ever. This is precisely where R&P’s customized consulting services come in. What is needed are flexible strategy processes that not only allow you to recognize change, but also to respond to it directly. In addition to the optimization of strategies, the further development of marketing also offers a wide range of fields of action to keep pace with the changes.

The following fields of action are particularly central to this:

Growth strategy

Essential for the existence and success of a company is first the planning and elaboration of an effective growth strategy based on sound customer, product, competitor, trend and market analyses. On this basis, we further develop a detailed roadmap so that a successful implementation can be ensured.

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Growth strategy through selected analyses. R&P shows you how.

Go-to-market strategy

The road from product idea to successful market entry is long. It is not uncommon for a good idea to fail because of an inadequately thought-out market entry strategy. In the project we define the strategic basics and support the implementation, so that your company has the best conditions to be successful on the market.

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In order for a new product to enter the market successfully, a carefully planned go-to-market strategy supported by market research is required.

International market entry

Due to saturated and competitive home markets, entering additional countries represents a large and fast growth potential for many companies. To be able to use this opportunity effectively, we support you in the preparation: Together, we check the fit of the product portfolio in the consulting project, determine a suitable market as well as the optimal procedure for your international market entry.

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Entering the international market presents a number of hurdles. Roll & Pastuch supports you in this process.

Customer Success Management

Helping customers achieve their goals and enabling them to experience success throughout the entire customer journey is the goal of ideal customer success management. Within the scope of a project, we support you in optimally designing the individual steps. In doing so, the use of internal expertise and external market research in particular form important bases for decision-making.

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Customers should be supported throughout the entire customer journey to achieve their goals. R&P shows you how to optimally design the touchpoints of customers and companies.

Assortment strategy

Retail buyers are constantly faced with listing and therefore assortment decisions. Different aspects of the assortment policy as well as the function of the respective product group must always be considered. In the project, we jointly develop an individual assortment strategy and support you in the role definition for your product groups.

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Learn more about the challenges of listing and therefore assortment decisions here.

Roll & Pastuch supports you in achieving your strategic goals

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