For private equity: Identifying, enhancing and securing corporate value

For private equity firms, fast and sustainable earnings and revenue growth of their portfolio companies is of key importance. Roll & Pastuch supported private equity clients from the market-related evaluation of acquisition candidates to the further development and maximization of the company value for the increase of the exit sales price. Leading business magazines, such as WirtschaftsWoche and Capital, have awarded Roll & Pastuch several times as the best consultancy in these disciplines.

Optimize the pricing and sales power of portfolio companies

The optimization of sales and price management is of outstanding importance in value enhancement, because: Even an average 2 percent price increase means that the enterprise value is increased by 40 percent for a given EBITDA margin of 5 percent. International and regional private equity firms such as KKR, Triton, Armira, IK-Investment Partners, BWK etc. are among our clients.

What can private equity firms do?

In order to exploit the full potential of optimized pricing measures, price management must be viewed as a whole. At the end of a successful pricing project, therefore, there are no isolated individual measures; rather, they are embedded in the overall context. The procedure for achieving this can be divided into three steps:

1. "Find the money" – Commercial due diligence: Evaluate the market position and digital market potential of your target.

Using a profound set of methods and benchmarks, we analyze your target companies and their business models in the market and competitive environment. The central point of the commercial due diligence is the examination of the value creation potential and the digital maturity level as well as the comparison with the existing business plan.

2. "Get the money" – 360° Sales & Pricing Audits: Identify the sales and revenue potential of your portfolio

Conducting a 360° Sales & Pricing Audit is the first meaningful step in identifying the sales and revenue potential of your portfolios. At the end of the three- to four-week projects, we provide a fact-based prioritization of the various optimization levers and a quantitative estimate of the expected impact on revenue. Often, initial short-term measures can already be initiated in the audit projects, which have an immediate profit effect.

3. "Make it sustainable" – Implement key measures to increase value

The value enhancement measures we develop and implement together with our customers are as diverse as the DNA of our customers themselves. We do not have a "one-size-fits-all" solution.

Experiences and project examples

In hundreds of projects, Roll & Pastuch has been able to implement the following revenue and profit levers with private equity companies, among others:

  • Monetization of added product value: introduction of value pricing
  • Increasing sales in digital sales channels: development and implementation of a multi-channel & Amazon strategy
  • Marketing and pricing of software and digital services: Shift from perpetual licensing to SaaS models
  • Increasing efficiency and performance in sales: Introduction of performance-based compensation models for the sales force
  • Realignment of discount and condition systems: Value-based customer segmentation and selective rebate repatriation

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