Roll & Pastuch honored as “Best Employers” 2017

Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants was recognized by the “Great Place to Work” organization in the “Best Employer in Lower Saxony” and “Best Employer in Consulting” competitions.

Prof. Oliver Roll says: “For us, it is important that all employees feel comfortable in their jobs and enjoy coming to work. In addition to purely professional skills, this is also an important key to success in our projects. The fact that we succeed in this is proven by the current awards “Best Employer in Lower Saxony-Bremen” and “Best Employer in Consulting”.”

Roll & Pastuch – an outstanding employer in consulting

In three size categories (1-49 employees, 50-249 employees and more than 250 employees), the best companies in each case are determined and awarded annually through anonymous employee surveys.

In the “Best Employer” competitions, all employees of a company rate their employer on the following points:

  • Credibility (e.g., competence of managers, openness of managers, etc.)
  • Respect (e.g. recognition for employees, work-life balance, etc.)
  • Fairness (e.g. appropriate payment, no preferential treatment of individual employees)
  • Pride (e.g., employees enjoy coming to work, satisfaction with own performance, etc.)
  • Team spirit (e.g. self-actualization, feeling of “family”, etc.)

In all areas, Roll & Pastuch received above-average positive ratings – in some cases with 100% agreement and up to 30 percentage points better than the market benchmark.

The nicest from the best

Kai Pastuch also attributes the excellent results to the corporate culture that is lived and the company motto “From the best the nice ones”: “We not only claim to be the best consultants for price management and sales, but also place particularly high value on fair and friendly interaction, among colleagues as well as with clients.” A concept that seems to work, as the latest award impressively confirms.