Manage your price increase – Systematic preparation and optimal execution of price adaptations


28. November 2023 10:00 - 11:00 CET
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Executing regular price adaptations has always been a very strong and holistic lever in order to protect and secure manufacturers margins. But dramatic inflationary pressure throughout the last two years and increasing dynamics of market prices have forced companies to react much faster.

Managing a price increase is thus a elementary step to ensure economic survival especially in markets with strongly fluctuating cost bases. Thorough preparation (e.g. by installing a price adaptation process) is thus key to success since haste simply increases errors and risk.

Also the actual implementation should be approached with a high level of differentiation to avoid destroying your price structure and staying close to market prices. Finally the sales team needs to be highly involved, fully trained and consequently incentivized to ensure the success of your price increase.

Exciting webinar content with practical relevance

Utilizing the years of cross-industry project experience regarding systematic price adjustments we provide you with tangible support.

The following questions will be answered in our 60-minute live webinar:

  • How are price adjustments prepared systematically?
  • How can price adjustments be optimally implemented? (e.g. differentiation according to product groups, dealing with list and net prices?)
  • What is the optimal framework for of price adjustments in-between subsidaries?
  • How can the price increase be systematically enforced in the market and what tools / preparation does sales need?

For this purpose, we invite you to join our free live webinar! Michael will show how you can systematically plan, optimally calculate, and successfully enforce your price increase to sustainably to boost your profitability.

Each participant can submit individual questions in advance or to discuss them directly in the webinar.

If you have any questions before or after the webinar, please feel free to contact our expert Michael Fechner (Partner) at any time. You can reach on +49 176-133 27 118 or by e-mail: .

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Michael Fechner

+49 176 133 27 118
Michael Fechner is Partner at Prof. Roll & Pastuch. For more than 18 years he consults international corporations and medium-sized companies world-wide. Before joining Roll & Pastuch, he worked as a project manager at Simon-Kucher & Partners and spent several years in London. His focus is on price management, sales and strategy. To support companies in these areas Mr. Fechner publishes articles, conducts seminars and speaks at various events.